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In The Garden of Temptation by Cynthia Wicklund

In The Garden of Temptation
By Cynthia Wicklund

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Book Synopsis

Historical Romance.

Known for always doing the right thing, Adam Stanford's honour and gentlemanly conduct are forgotten when he meets Catherine Bourgeault. Adam will risk his reputation and everything he holds dear in order to possess this sensational woman. What seems like a straightforward effort to steal another man's wife however, is fraught with deception, and the darkest secrets of a crazed man who'll go to any lengths to save his aimless marriage.


England--Spring, 1806

Lady Catherine Bourgeault placed her fork on her plate and ended the pretense that she was enjoying her supper. She had scolded the cook repeatedly, but as long as the baron did not care nothing would change.

"What's the matter, my dear? Do you not find the meal to your liking?"

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