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Grave Danger by K. E. Rodgers

Grave Danger
By K. E. Rodgers

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Book Synopsis

Paranormal Romance.

Two communities have taken residence in the historic city of St. Augustine, the Eidolon (ghost beings) and the Flesh-eaters, who are zombies. Each barely tolerates the 'other' community and when several of the Eidolon's loyal living workers are found to be murdered, toleration begins to disintegrate; the ghosts are quick to point the finger. And In a world of the dead, hostile enemies will find a connection that prevails way beyond death; a heart finding its soul.


Clarissa Schofield woke on the eve of her twenty-ninth birthday to find herself dead. It was an unsettling and quite new experience to be dead. She had never died before and therefore had no idea what to expect.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she frowned at the face staring back at her. It looked very real - very human, bu...
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