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By K. R. Smith

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Returning from a camping trip in Alaska, Jessica Tandy meets the tall, dark and handsome Flint Riverclaw. During a rest stop, they chat in a bar, which culminates in a one-night-stand, and consequently changes the rest of her life. Flint's brown eyes occasionally glow turquoise, why? And why does he growl so much? in this supernatural, romance, Imaginations run wild.


We pulled up outside of a bar, in some kind of 'one man and his dog' town a couple of miles off the main highway. As soon as the motor switched off, Brian, Abi and Steve were jumping out of the rented Jeep. I looked about this tiny town in the middle of the Alaska Range, and therefore in the middle of nowhere; and I wasn't as eager.

"C'mon, Jess." Steve threw me a tired look. "It's just a rest stop, it's still a four hour driv...
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