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Seducing Miss Dunaway by Kate Rothwell

Seducing Miss Dunaway
By Kate Rothwell

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Book Synopsis

For all of her adult life, Miss Dunaway has been the highly-regarded matron of the foundlings' home. Now, she is inclined to experience more. Much more. After years being uncorrupted, she longs to be a woman again.


The Campbells' dance promised to be an odd affair. The meal held before the big event seemed shockingly informal and noisy to Fell, who was used to London ways. Everyone simply sat to eat--there was no parade to the table and no assignment of seats. Still, he wasn't a rude guest and smiled politely at the very young lady who'd slipped into the seat to his left after the soup course had ended.

She was out of breath and smelled of fresh air, as if she'd run into the dining room from the outdoors. Her display of curls might have been blown by the wind as well. She began to eat her fish with a he...
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