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All's well that Ends by James C Nutter

All's well that Ends
By James C Nutter

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Book Synopsis

This novelette tells the story of Tom Cullen, a very ordinary man who awakes from a 16 year coma to find the world changed. He faces weeks of rehabilitation, and treatment, but then has to cope with the devasting news that his life will soon end, as the earth can no longer sustain Human life; but now, like many others, only has months to live.


The patient was suddenly aware of the inside of his eyeballs.  He looked left and then right, the light only offering a ghostly red glow that he had almost forgotten.  He struggled to open his eyes, strips of vertical sunlight breaching the blinds and glancing off the walls of the dingy ward. He blinked hard, with lids so tight, they felt like they were glued together; and he could not reach for his eyes, discovering that his arms were entrapped within a maze of tubes and wires.  Fear enveloped him, he...
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