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Cyber Soldiers by Francis Branney

Cyber Soldiers
By Francis Branney

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Book Synopsis

Some friends had met on the internet in a chat room many years ago, Martin the main character in the story goes back to America to meet with his Fiance, and some of his friends. They start out on an adventure together, not knowing where it will end up. They will take you on a tour of their digital world...and into the dark side of it...


I made my way to the 7/11 to pick up some Budweiser for myself, it was a 10min walk from the apartment, it didn't take long to walk.  As I approached the store there was a LAPD car outside it, I walked inside and a police officer was chatting to the cashier, yeah they robbed the bank he said, and killed one of the guards, well find them sooner or later he said they will make a mistake and we will have them.  I went to the cooler and took out some beer, then went to the cashier can I have 20 Marlboro please the...
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