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Dead End of a Circle By David James Myhro

Dead End of a Circle
By David James Myhro

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Book Synopsis

Dead End of a Circle is a story about time travel, but it is unlike any other. All other such stories have two things in common: first, no attempt is made at describing either the working parts of the time machine or the general theory of what is actually taking place; and secondly, the act of time travel is a mere plot device to drive the story. Dead End of a Circle does not conform to this. The working parts of the machine are described in full and it is plainly explained how the system works. Also, the act of time travel is itself a conquest instead of just being a means to place a character out of temporal context as a gimmick.

This is the story of a man that is completely indestructible. It explores his dealings with mankind as he, due to his infinite lifespan, abides with humanity from the very beginning up until the very end when all life in the universe faces in...
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