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Elis Royd by Ron Sanders

Elis Royd
By Ron Sanders

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Book Synopsis

Ellis Asteroid is Earth's long-abandoned naturalization station for extraterrestrial refugees - her bounteous hub walled off by arrogant human administrators, her ignorant non-human population left to rot in the wilds.

Bursting with backstabbers, man-eating cockroaches, and bloodsucking maters, Elis Royd is a fascinating sci-fi adventure from a master storyteller. For thinking readers only.


Beppo took his time on the final grade. He had to:  his hooves were split and bleeding, his back aching and stiff. And his little rhia Gwenda—his life-and soul mate, his constant companion—trembled and wheezed as she hiked. A trillion stars loomed on the horizon, but they weren’t the night’s visual attraction. What drew Beppo was a burnt gold to deep blue gradient—a heat aura lying like a mushroom’s cap just beyond...
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