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Grailem by Gary L Beer

By Gary L Beer

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Book Synopsis

Grailem was one of mankind's last hopes to finally achieve immortality. Created in a test tube he had been bred specifically to be fully integrated with an artificial robotic body. To live forever has been Man's dream almost since time began; would immortality finally bring the happiness that we all desire?


The magnetic field of the passing asteroid is generating enough energy to pull Grailem towards it. Waking from an aimless sleep he tries to use his precious energy to move closer. It had been aeons since he had stood on, or even felt a solid surface beneath his feet.

Grailem had been drifting aimlessly through space since his spacecraft had exploded, maybe a million years ago now. The exploding fuel tanks had thrown him out into the cold of space with such a force that he had almost achieved the speed of light. The clouds of dust and g...
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