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From the Hands of Hostile Gods by Darren R. Hawkins

From the Hands of Hostile Gods
By Darren R. Hawkins

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They were creating a completely habitable planet, all but ex nihilo, at least in an atmospheric sense. Trivialities like universal mean times and accurate clocks and reliable timetables could frankly wait for the rush of commuters, homesteaders, and interplanetary multi-corporations. For Christ's sake, they were still trying to decide if they were going to settle on the terran definition of day which they currently used as relative station time or opt for Archae Stoddard's twenty one and a quarter hour cycle. No one seemed to realize that if the decision wasn't made by them, it was going to be made for them by the politicians. The question of time was not what he or any of the eleven other station commanders would have considered mission critical. The engineers would occasionally disagree, Ritter most certainly, but Brett wasn't a sci-tech ...


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