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The Strange Fall of Marlon Applewood by G.W. Jefferies

The Strange Fall of Marlon Applewood
By G.W. Jefferies

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Book Synopsis

After a freak accident, Tim Combes is thrown back to a town he thought was his home but everything is different and nothing is making any sense. Someone has taken the light from San Pinto and Tim Combes is just the right man to bring his town out of the darkness. Or is he? Tim encounters bizarre characters on his journey as he begins to uncover the strange truth.

Marlon Applewood is a corrupt politician.
Tim Combes is trying to make it in the world.
These two men have something in common.
They are both the same man.


Every morning I turn on to Cemetery Road to get to work and each and every morning I'm always a little depressed. Usually, I'm too tired or too late to really think about it but the thoughts of sadness pops into my head. When it comes to lunch time, I always ponder the name of the road and the little cemet...
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