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The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by A. Severin Rossetti

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
By A. Severin Rossetti

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Book Synopsis

If it can be imagined, then it can exist; what might only be pictured in this world can take on a tangible reality in another. Access is usually denied us, but a group of young artists find themselves drawn into the turmoil of this 'other' world, become a part of the landscape of Bosch and Blake, of Munch and Magritte.


If it can be imagined then it can exist, and it seemed to Auberjonois that the architecture of Golgonooza had been intended to make this very point. Seated in the bay of the window, on the uppermost floor of the lodging house, he gazed out across the rooftops with a restless dissatisfaction. The sulphurous city skyline offered a jumbled silhouette of gables and spires, buttresses and turrets, steeples and minarets and featureless Cubist fabrications, everywhere the eye roamed it was jarred by a cacophony of architectural styles and f...
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