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Meddlers in Time - The Cockatoo River Incident - Wayne Watson

Meddlers in Time: The Cockatoo River Incident
By Wayne Watson

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Book Synopsis

The third book in the Meddlers In Time series. The adventures in the 35th Century continue, with this second book in that series. In this episode, the story is told of how Jenny DeVries infiltrates the Empire under very deep cover, with the help of the Free Company 'Wotan's Fury'- Wayne Jamieson's command.


The ship's intercom sounded 'One hour warning- all hands secure for N-space running'

Commander Hendrik glanced at his readouts, in particular the subspace mass detectors which were now starting to register the presence of his prey- a huge 'Caravan' class bulk freighter. Also on his screen were other vessels- a cruiser and four frigates- but these were for 'Wotan's Fury' and the other frigate 'Blackbeard' to deal with.

This was always the worst time- the waiting just before exitin...
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