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Nudetopia - Belief Stripped Bare by D. Chau

Nudetopia - Belief Stripped Bare
By D. Chau

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Book Synopsis

Imagine if Battlestar Galactica and Lost had an illegitimate child and that child had unsupervised access to the Internet, hung out with Richard Dawkins and knew the names and functions of all its chakras. That's Nudetopia - the TV series that you read.

Atheist exiles flee a cataclysmic flood and find themselves in a strange land of nakedness where they are forced to survive alongside amoral nudes. Secular values are strained, building blocks of civilisation crumble and love triangles unfold into tetrahedrons as beliefs are stripped bare.


Down at sea level in Falleria, others weren’t so safe…
The tsunami warning alarm blared like drill sergeants with a chronic case of Short Man syndrome. A screaming flood of people spilled onto the streets and flowed uphill, given an extra push by the shrieking horns. Some tr...
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