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Out From Edom: Book 1 of the Irredente Chronicles by J. Patrick Sutton

Out From Edom: Book 1 of the Irredente Chronicles
By J. Patrick Sutton

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Book Synopsis

A far-future theocratic space hegemony tries to preserve the human genome by limiting technology. When an unknown enemy begins wiping out hegemony worlds, the complacent, ineffective government is weakened. A genetically-errant urchin and a reactionary priest set out on separate voyages, each discovering shocking truths about the nature of the threat to the hegemony.


You will find life in that which is pure; where there is impurity, temper it. Suffer not the willful nonconform; commend to thy mercy the impure innocent.

The Holy Book of the Body

The beginning of the end of the Irredentist hegemony — some few thousand worlds contained within one arm, a kiloparsec’s width, of a barred spiral galaxy — began with a few short, cryptic words, transmitted via ansible from Plum Grove to Pydna, words that grew like a pox upon th...
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