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Surviving the Fog by Stan Morris

Surviving the Fog
By Stan Morris

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Book Synopsis

Have you ever been to camp? What would you do if almost all of the adults left for a short trip and did not return? What if you discovered that no cell phones would work and that all communication with the outside world had disappeared? What if you discovered that a mysterious fog was covering all the world below you? How would you survive? What would you eat? What would you do as winter approached. These kids are about to find out.


They drift through space in their own orbit unrelated to the orbits of the planets, the stars, or the galaxies.  Their colonies stretch for thousands of light years, and have no shape; they may be elongated, or they may be circular.  They may even be cubed; or their shape may be a combination of shapes like a dry but wadded paper towel.

They can be detected, but only by using the most sophisticated of instru...
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