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The Inscrutable Mr. Robot By C. Sean McGee

The Inscrutable Mr. Robot
By C. Sean McGee

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Book Synopsis

Morality and humanity come into question as a robot, overwhelmed by the promise of his own potential, discovers meaning and purpose in a bloody showdown with ex-superheroes, dastardly villains, and lesbian justice warriors.


“What exactly does it do?”

All eyes turned to the robot on the stage. Contrary to all the commotion, it didn’t look very impressive. One would have expected some life-like mechanoid that was indistinguishable from the people who built it and from those reporting. Unlike the old man who spoke on its behalf, this robot didn’t have skin and it wasn’t wearing clothes of any kind. It had no hair or eyebrows, and at best, its face could muster barely a handful of expressions. It hadn’t an inch of personality. It looked, at best, as if it were engineered from the drawings of a small child – a...
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