A Tale about a Human, an Alien and an Entity older than a Star

What if I were to tell you that a vast galactic civilisation exists, much older than ours; that this space-faring society was a great consumer of things? Art, food and ...

Ytterbium Fires. By Bill Kandiliotis

Ytterbium Fires
By Bill Kandiliotis

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Treasonous humans, corporate goons, a mysterious crime scene onboard a space mine, a snuff collector, a subterranean explorer, winged sharks, a deadly robot, marooned time travellers, a marooned inter-galaxy cop and his prisoner, political intrigue during the interstellar space games, a robot armageddon, the birth of an A.I, a cyberpunk romance, and a tale about a human, an alien and an entity older than a star. Fourteen science fiction short stories from the author of A Hostile Takeover and The Blood Ring.


“I am pleased to announce that we have slain the dragon.”

MercurEx employees, gathering around the trading oval, cheered enthusiastically, the type of reaction James Tucker had hoped for. He needed them to know how much he valued their support.

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