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Zenia By J. Gallagher

By J. Gallagher

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Book Synopsis

Zenia is a warrior queen from a matriarchal planet in the Shaula star system in the constellation of Scorpio. She fled a revolution led by the males of her species, joined by A.I. machines.

She and her sisters sent their essences streaming out into the universe at the speed of light. She was intercepted by antennae from the S.E.T.I. program, and re-animated on Earth.

She discovered that the robots on earth are in a similar point in their evolution, and that she and her sisters must act to save their new home planet.

"Zenia" is a novella - short, quirky and funny.


I am Zenia, Queen of Shaula. You do not yet truly know me, but hear my story. I was brought here from a distant star by BitBoy, a pus-infected, pockmarked geek and a prick, with big ears and small feet.

The story I am prepared to tell you begins wi...
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