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Carol's Aquarium by Kristen J. Tsetsi

Carol's Aquarium
By Kristen J. Tsetsi

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Book Synopsis

Stories in this collection of fiction range from fish-in-a-box ("Carol's Aquarium") to a tense prison visit ("Visiting Hour") to a hotel worker who breaks into the room of a soldier on R&R ("They Three at Once Were One") to the most uptight couple in the world discovering earthy, passionate lust ("Mexican Blanket").

Story lengths vary from flash-fiction shortness to standard short story length, and pieces are a combination of unpublished, previously published, and award-winning fiction.

Two of the published pieces, "Becoming an Oates Girl" (winner of a short fiction competition judged by Ellen Meister) and "Eating Eternity," are no longer available anywhere but in Carol's Aquarium.

Excerpt from MISS NEUROSIS:

I step out of the shower and press “play” on the answe...
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