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Hotblur 1 By C. A. Arroyo

By C.A. Arroyo

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Book Synopsis

Discover how Gina Axiom escaped with her life as a horde of angry mutants surrounded her. This and other odd tales and curious snippets in this issue.

Explore the possibilities and jump into HOTBLUR...

Excerpt from Mutants in the Dark:

THE DESPERATE YELL of her little brother was the last thing Gina heard as she ran for her life. A mob of mutants had taken Tommy and there was nothing she can do. They were both on the run after pulling off the biggest job of their careers, but Tommy didn't make it out. Gina would have to live with that for the rest of her life!


It was late in the year 2294. The sun had set behind the blue orb of the Earth. Space could be a beautiful place, when the conditions allowed it to be. A sleek battle worn, mid-sized spaceship silently orbited the Earth. It was T...
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