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The Lioness at the Gates by Mae Siu-Wai Stroshane

The Lioness at the Gates
By Mae Siu-Wai Stroshane

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Book Synopsis

A gunman bursts into a small Chinese seafood restaurant, with unexpected results. A young pianist learns that her mother may be Beethoven's mysterious lady love. The lonely Elephant Man's life is transformed forever by a single smile. These stories and more pose questions about the complexity of being human and what it means to love others in any shape or form.

Excerpt from The Lioness at the Gates:

You can find some of the best seafood in Boston in little neighborhood restaurants that never get mentioned in any guidebook.  And one of the very best is Wongs' Fish Palace, a hole-in-the-wall market and sit-down restaurant in a neighborhood teeming with students and immigrants from all over.

No fancy china and linen tablecloths at the Fish Palace. The tender seafood comes on paper plates with plastic forks and little packets of soy or tartar...
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