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Short 'n' Curly by Julie Patterson

Short 'n' Curly
By Julie Patterson

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Book Synopsis

Short 'n' Curly is a free ebook collection of short stories, prose and poetry, sometimes dark and confronting.

Excerpt from Debbie:

The air is sticky; the heat is so arid that it dries out your mouth when you speak making you instantly parched and needing water. We walk down the street hand in hand staring in through windows, stepping inside some of the second hand stores along the way, we stop for the walk sign to change, gulping the drinks we picked up, hands drop out of reach, I bend down and tie up my shoelace. The lights change and the beep, beep, beep of the crossing ticks away. You were slightly ahead of me, just a few steps away, but in the crossing. Then it happened. In the fleeting glance of a moment a whole world can change. I stood there frozen unable to speak, shout or yell, like a shadow. Everything happened so fast, the screech of brakes, the...
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