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Air Power and the Environment: The Ecological Implications of Modern Air Warfare By Joel Hayward

Air Power and the Environment: The Ecological Implications of Modern Air Warfare
By Joel Hayward

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Edited by Professor Joel Hayward, this book of cutting edge chapters analyses the complex relationship between modern warfare, and airpower in particular, and the physical environment. It analyses the ecological devastation brought about by modern airpower and explains how responsible modern air forces are working hard to minimize that damage.

Dr. Joel Hayward, the editor of this book, is a scholar, author, and poet. His career highlights include dean of the Royal Air Force College, director of the Royal Air Force Centre for Air Power Studies (RAF CAPS), head of King's College London's Air Power Studies Division, and professor of strategy at the Indonesian Defense University. He is the author or editor of eight books as well as dozens of book chapters and journal articles, some of which have appeared in German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Serbian translati...
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