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The Groundlessness of Infinity - Emmanuel Xagorarakis

The Groundlessness of Infinity
By Emmanuel Xagorarakis

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Book Synopsis

In this theory, The Groundlessness of Infinity, I introduce by three separate proofs a totally innovative concept regarding the nature and relations among (pure) numbers. The applications of this wholly new knowledge conclude to proving and solving major up-to-now unresolved problems, e.g. the Riemann Hypothesis, Zeno's Paradoxes, the P Vs NP Problem, and other major open issues. The core knowledge, as by the three above mentioned proofs is that a number cannot be composite, it cannot bear any properties at all, and there cannot be any kind of relationship among numbers. This leads to the abolition of the numeric set of any kind, and subsequently to the abolition of the numeric continuum and infinity. Nevertheless, it is the same logic that abolishes infinity, which abolishes the notion of a supposed "ultimate end", by introducing a new way of regarding the "limit&q...
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