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Inventing. A simple guide for beginners. By Glen K. Dash

Inventing. A simple guide for beginners
By Glen K. Dash

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Anyone can become an inventor regardless of age, experience, educational level, or which country he is from. In the modern world, one just has to look around and see the many technologies, novelties and material products and tools that make our lives comfortable. For example, a simple tool like the paper clip makes our lives easier and comfortable in the office, at school and at home. The stapler is another productivity tool that makes our lives comfortable in the office, at school and at home. The post-it note that was accidentally invented also makes our lives comfortable. So there are millions of inventions, products and tools around us that we can look at and realise how simple these are and these have changed our world and make us more productive and comfortable.

A complex invention on the other hand is made up of hundreds, thousands and even millions of smaller in...
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