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Modeling and Optimization of Energy Generation and Storage Systems for Thermal Conditioning  Milica Grahovac

Modeling and Optimization of Energy Generationand Storage Systems for Thermal Conditioning
By Milica Grahovac

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The decisions made during conceptual building design irreversibly influence the selection and dimensions of thermal energy generation and storage components and systems. A method to quantify this influence is developed. It consists of the quasi-stationary simulation and the design optimization of the system. Demonstrated on seven preconfigured systems, the method is used to propose a tool that, using data available at the conceptual design stage, provides dimensions, costs, energy consumption and emissions of the optimized system to architects.


The thermal conditioning systems are responsible for almost half of the energy consumption by commercial buildings. In many European countries and in the USA, buildings account for around 40% of primary energy consumption and it is therefore vital to explore further ways to reduce the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation...
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