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Deadline by Stellen Qxz

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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Deadline by Stellen Qxz
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In Orlando investigative reporter Steve Danton knew that he was onto a big story, perhaps even the story of a lifetime. But what he didn’t know was that it could be the last story of his lifetime if certain people had their way. First came the warnings, and then came the threats. But when none of this seemed to work, Steve found himself on the receiving end of a very professional and very painful beating, accompanied by a last warning: drop the story or die! Despite the pain and the fear, Steve knew he couldn’t walk away from this story now, but he would need help if he was going to stay alive long enough to reach his deadline. Lucky for him, Birmingham’s best bodyguard is an old friend of the family. Derrick Olin returns to the sunshine state!

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