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Retrograde by Stellen Qxz

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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Format: PDF
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Retrograde by Stellen Qxz
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Traci Brenner had left his life many years ago and he thought that he’d finally put her behind him for good. But an urgent call from his former lover brings Derrick Olin right back into his past, and into a myriad of feelings that he had never even suspected he was capable of. Traci tells Derrick that she has trouble, and shortly thereafter he’s on a plane to Utah, no questions asked. He tells himself that he’s just going to help out an old friend, but soon realizes that the journey is a lot more complicated. The backdrop is a very real threat to Traci Brenner, a threat that Derrick Olin is more than capable of dealing with under normal circumstances, but these circumstances are anything but normal. This time, in addition to the violence and the danger, Derrick must confront his own human emotions as well as his personal needs and desires, things that his lifestyle and his work have always denied him. Or maybe he’s just denied them to himself. And, oh yes, there is the little matter of the violence and the danger…

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