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Blood Bath By Stephen Leather

Blood Bath
By Stephen Leather

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Book Synopsis

Blood Bath is written by popular best-selling UK author Stephen Leather, one of the UK's most successful writers in the Thriller genre. Two of his novels, The Stretch and The Bombmaker have been made into films.

The original story by the author is about a string of mysterious deaths that occur in a struggling hotel and are investigated by supernatural detective, Jack Nightingale.

Jack Nightingale appears in the author's full-length novels, Nightfall, Midnight, Nightmare, Nightshade and Lastnight.

PLUS, as a bonus, the author has included six versions of Blood Bath written by fans and writers who drew inspiration from the Blood Bath title and its book cover above.

Top writers Alex Shaw, Matt Hilton, Andrew Peters and Conrad Jones contributed to the collection.


Jack Nightingale pla...
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