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Short Fuses by Stephen Leather

Short Fuses
By Stephen Leather

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Book Synopsis

Four exciting short stories from top thriller book author, Stephen Leather. And, to whet your appetite for more great writing by the author, enjoy the first chapters from six of his best-selling thriller novels, including Birthday Girl, The Chinaman and The Vets.

The four stories in Short Fuses are:
Breaking In - when he breaks into a house, a burglar gets more than he bargained for
Strangers On A Train - nothing goes to plan during a mugging on a train
Inspector Zhang and the Hotel Guest - another mystery solved by the detective from Singapore
Cat's Eyes - the background story behind 'Bangkok go-go dancer'

Excerpt from BREAKING IN:

House-breaking was a victimless crime, pretty much. That was what Richie Grout thought about his chosen profession. For a start he almost never did any actual breaking when he did the en...
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