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Bury Me Deep by Roy Glenn

Bury Me Deep
By Roy Glenn

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Mike Black is making the move to take his organization completely legitimate. When Congressman Martin Marshall tells him about a ethanol venture in Cuba with a group of Chinese businessman, Black agrees. But seeing an opportunity to expand his gambling interests, Black takes CeCe to Nassau. His intention is to expand his gambling and extortion operations. Martin had set up a meeting the next day with the Chinese. When things don't go their way, Black is shot and left for dead. Will he survive?


For Monika Wynn it was starting to feel like old times as she climbed over the wall and dropped down. She had been a part of an army special operations unit along with her partners, the late James "Jett" Bronson and Nick Simmons. Those days, Monika's specialty was munitions, but she ex-celled in weapons, commando tactics, electronic survei...
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