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The Butcher Shop by Neil Austin

The Butcher Shop
By Neil Austin

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Book Synopsis

Claire's life is peculiar but predictable.

Each night she works as a bartender and DJ at the Butcher Shop, a transportable, invite-only rave, operating from deserted warehouses and unrented commercial premises in and around downtown Denver.

Each morning, once the Shoppers have slipped away, Claire comes back to Dwight, her red and white Mustang, to get a couple of hours of slumber, and dreams of another life in Seattle.

When her ex is killed after a night later she can't recall, Claire must demonstrate she didn't murder him. Unless of course she actually did commit the crime. This was, maybe, not the best night to begin drinking once more. obooko.


I wake up to the sound of a nightstick tapping on my window. "Frank, damn it; leave me alone."

But of course the tapping...
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