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Change of Heart by Jack Allen

Change of Heart
By Jack Allen

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Book Synopsis

As an officer in an obscure, under-funded branch of U.S. Navy Intelligence, Josh McGowan is given the leftover jobs, the scraps, the lousy missions that no one else wants. Josh is given the job to escort a former KGB informer from Russia back to the United States, where she will be debriefed by the CIA at the request of Colonel Mironov, a former Soviet Army officer.

Caught in the middle of a bad mission that gets worse at every step, Josh must decide if he's falling in love with Valeria, or if he has to kill her himself.


It started with a phone call. Walt Bergene held his wife's hand. They waited together by the sign with the words: Please Wait To Be Seated, inside the doorway of Rottelli's, just six blocks from the White House. Walt was six foot five with wispy, receding black hair and a mustache. Miriam, his wife, was...
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