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Chasing Peter's Pence by Kit Kirk

Chasing Peter's Pence
By Kit Kirk

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Book Synopsis

Peter is a policeman at a transition point in his life. He does something wrong, very wrong, but probably life improving for him. This is not a who dunnit. This is a how and why dunnit including did they get away with it. Only the crime methods have been changed to protect the greedy.

The style is possibly John Le Carre confronts Kafka with a side order of humour?



Human bloody moths thought Peter Bradshaw as he strolled towards the flashing lights. They were stronger than the chip shop lights, bluer than the insect killer inside the door. They should change the colour; it's the blue that attracts them. Perhaps that's why blue movies are popular?

Three pints of Old Peculiar had made Peter feel old but the peculiar was his own doing. Pub chips and telly. If they'd started calling him S...
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