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Cold Hillside by Martin Cooper

Cold Hillside
By Martin Cooper

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Book Synopsis

Giles, my sibling, my Mephistopheles. You lie whenever it suits you, but when you lie to me, surely you can take the trouble to make it convincing?

Simon is a professional musician and songwriter. Trader, rogue and amiable bully, Giles, is his brother. He is also a crook. When Giles dies in a car crash, Simon travels back to their childhood home in order to face up to his memories and his own implied complicity in his brother's intrigues.

The Devil plays all the best tunes.


Two birds are strutting across the grass. One for sorrow, two for... not joy, certainly. These are crows, birds of ill omen, road- side carrion eaters with scabby beaks and a knowing look. One for trouble, two for more trouble. The collie launches itself from the path, its claws scrabbling for a purchase on the gravel, but the birds hop into t...
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