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Death on a Rocky Little Island by Lenny Everson

Death on a Rocky Little Island
By Lenny Everson

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Book Synopsis

Win Szczedziwoj, a man known for photographing subjects in the rain, would like to get some pictures of the wind-scoured islands in Georgian Bay. His wife won't let him go alone, so he cons an friend into going with them.

It wasn't supposed to be complicated, but the two barely get the tent up before it becomes apparent that some locals don't want them there, at least not that night. Even before they can consider getting out of there, things get out of control.


Phil was a close friend, but now we sort of avoid each other. Maybe he can go screw himself, because I've done all I can. But it didn't start that way.


Of course I lied to Phil. The son-of-bitch deserved it, after all.

Hey, a lie isn't always bad. Some lies are designed to help people through bad times....
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