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Drone Strike by August Quinns

Drone Strike
By August Quinns

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Book Synopsis

Just before 9/11 Albert Fraadley arrives in USA seeking his love, Liza Vancyk, who vanished during a secret test in England. She got a message to Albert that she is OK. He is waylaid by Al Clinton, a man of immense influence, who hates terrorists. He brings Albert and Liza together for revenge. Through them he manages to find his target and hits back via drone strikes.


The point of no return.

I had to keep reminding myself it was still only August 2001.

The inexhorably progressing A380 had passed that point in mid-Atlantic some half an hour earlier. But I'd passed that point in my life some months ago when Liza crashed into my life.

The healing wound on my leg itched. It rekindled the horror of the explosion as the crushing concussion of the blast resurfaced. I mentally toyed with the scar, fascina...
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