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The Enemy Stalks by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

The Enemy Stalks
By Betty Sullivan La Pierre

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Book Synopsis

The debut of the "Hawkman Series", introducing a fascinating detective known as Hawkman, a former Agency operative under an assumed identity, Tom Casey. Jennifer Morgan, the beautiful heroine, a young widow, lives across the lake. Together, with an aggressive falcon, they take on the dangerous double agent, Dirk Hinderson, a vicious murderer who hates Hawkman and has vowed to extinguish him from the face of the earth. He uses Jennifer as his means to get to his target. The action takes place in a secluded lakeside community in the Northwest where even the eccentric secondary characters have unique appeal.


Dirk Henderson punched the intercom on his desk. "Krubes, hold my calls." "Yes sir."

Assuring himself privacy, he locked the office door from the inside, then paced the room. His fists clenched, he st...
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