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Eye of the Witch by Dana Donovan

Eye of the Witch
By Dana Donovan

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Book Synopsis

Pride, paranoia and paranormal forces all conspire to derail Detective Marcella's investigation into a series of suspicious suicides in New Castle, Massachusetts. In this sequel to The Witch's Ladder, Marcella learns that because of the ties that bind their pasts, every potential victim is also a possible suspect.


I had that dream again, the one where Doctor Lowell has me tied to a tree and is coming at me with a knife. Only in my dream I'm younger, much younger, like maybe by forty years. Lilith is there, too, but she isn't tied to the tree with me this time. I can see her standing on the sideline with Carlos, talking and laughing and playing with that confounded witch's ladder. I try screaming for one of them to untie a knot on the ladder. They pay no attention. They can't hear me. My screams are only in my head. Carlos...
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