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In the Forest of Light and Dark - Mark Kasniak

In the Forest of Light and Dark
By Mark Kasniak

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It was four years ago, the summer of 2010. Late June was approaching, and I had been just one week into my summer vacation. I had also just finished my junior year at Saraland High in my hometown of Saraland, Alabama--Go Spartans!--when my life was about to change forever.

Looking back on that day that would kick off a chain-of-events that would, ultimately, and irreversibly, turn my life upside-down, I guess you could say had started out like any other. After arriving back home from an afternoon of sunbathing down by the Gulf with a couple of friends of mine, Lettie Sheppard and Gerralyn Hanks, I had entered our house through the kitchen, whereupon I heard my parents arguing in their bedroom located near the rear of our home. That wasn't at all unusual, though. The two of them bickering behind closed doors had been something they'd alway...
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