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The Memory Man: T14 Book 1 - Marcus Freestone

The Memory Man: T14 Book 1
By Marcus Freestone

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Book Synopsis

The first book in the series about a futuristic, high-tech counter-terrorism agency. Mixing sci-fi, action, crime and humour, the story follows the agents of T14, including one who has a computer chip in his head, as they fight international espionage and home-grown terrorism with an unlimited budget.


It all began the day I read my obituary.

Using the Cartesian Cogito and Occam's razor I reasoned that I was alive, so there were three options.

Somebody was trying to threaten me.

Somebody had good reason to think I was actually dead.

Somebody was sending me a coded message.

I could think of more effective threats, particularly with the resources and moral contortions available to the people I was currently pretending to work with. Besides, if they had worked out who I re...
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