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Mind + Body by Aaron Dunlap

Mind + Body
By Aaron Dunlap

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Book Synopsis

The novel is set in a realm where high school meets high treason, and sees principal character and narrator, Chris Baker coming under fire from rogue elements inside the the FBI, the Marine Corps, and a small number of hired killers as he attempts to uncover a conspiracy that seems to encompass his entire life.

Chris leads a completely ordinary life until his father, who is a researcher for the Marine Corps, dies mysteriously, leaving Chris with a suspiciously sizable payout from his father's life insurance comany. During a fight at school, Chris puts his aggressors into hospital, so his his principal attempts to cover it up. Chris utilises a combination of high tech espionage, social engineering and physical intimidation he never thought he'd be capable of, in an attempt to discover the answers to the compounding mysteries in his life. obooko.

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