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Murder in the Grand Manor by Tom Hoke

Murder in the Grand Manor
By Tom Hoke

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Book Synopsis

When a Chicago detective follows a lead to San Antonio, Texas, his world is turned topsey turvey when his seemingly simple case mushrooms into a wild combination of murder, romance, and a gulf coast hurricane.


Jim Smith knew this was going to be a memorable trip when his headlights picked out the figure of a woman talking animatedly to a palmetto during a driving rain storm. Peering through the blur of water on his windshield, he found himself staring at gold opera pumps, a dripping outer garment of some shiny material hanging nearly to the ground, and two hats stuck squarely one upon the other on her head. Suddenly she turned, waved a gloved fist at his lights, and disappeared around the left side of the building.

In disbelief, he nosed the rental car closer to the looming building and a neon sign spelled out G R A D M A O R, with...
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