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Red Is For Rhonda by Emile Sissac Jr.

Red Is For Rhonda
By Emile Sissac Jr.

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Book Synopsis

San Diego's newest private eye, Forrest Greenley, makes his debut in a new series of detective fiction. The real estate business owner is hired to find a missing waitress who uncovers a homemade money laundering scheme which nearly costs the woman her life. A maturing skeptic and military veteran, Forrest uses his 'free' time to navigate the societal cracks and crevices of 'America's Finest City'.


It hadn't rained for quite a while in San Diego, but people were still driving like f**king nuts on the slick streets. As I drove home, I kept a watchful eye a patch of dark clouds hovering over

me. Like massive balls of soiled cotton, they pre-empted every inch of northbound Park Boulevard. Squalls of heavy rain skipped randomly across sections of the city. The monstrous clouds and me were in a race, as if to...
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