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Return 2 Terror with love By David Lovett

Return 2 Terror with love
By David Lovett

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Book Synopsis

This is a story about a terrorist cell smuggling two dirty bombs into the United States from Canada. They intend on killing as many Americans as possible. The terrorists are being chased by Navy ex-SEAL John Graves and Senior Special Agent Jill Mayfield across the country following a path of death.

I hate to say it, but this could be a real situation someday soon!!


The wind pushed the ocean whitecaps into eight-foot swells. The Los Angeles-class submarine SSN 773 Cheyenne broke the surface, and pitched and rolled like a cigar in a washing machine.

The crew never liked surfacing in such weather. They were used to being far beneath the surface during conditions like these. The sub was capable of a depth of 1,475 feet. The cruising depth of the sub was four to five hundred feet. A depth the crew much preferred.
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