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Rice Tea by Julien McArdle

Rice Tea
By Julien McArdle

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Book Synopsis

In Seth's world, everything is a game. He teams up with his good friends Kerstin and Gabriel, in an attempt to put a bit more sparkle into his university life. They play an escalating game of one-up-manship together, based on computer and phone stunts.

When the friends accidently stumble into a nefarious botnet scheme, their fun is cut short. The scheme is controlled by a ruthless criminal, who frames the trio for a wave of computer infections, resulting in them becoming the focus of a police investigation. Chased by the authorities and barely avoiding arrest they go underground in an attempt to prove their innocence. What follows is an exciting journey through the world of computer crime.

This book is based on true events.


In the windowless basement of a suburban home sat a twenty-something intently peering into...
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