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See Night Run by D.W. St.John

See Night Run
By D.W. St.John

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Book Synopsis

"Hume is forced to question everything he's ever believed in."--Kirkus Book Reviews; "I held my breath."--National Public Radio.

Night Hume is an INET (Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce) agent in Eugene, Oregon. His years undercover have cost him a home, a marriage, a daughter --- yet, always the good soldier, he does his job. Assigned to buy from a college professor who sells to her students, he meets Ceredwen Lawrence --- a most unlikely dealer.


From across the street Night Hume watches the woman through a rain-spotted windshield.

It's her.

Miserable, he wrings rain from a sopping ponytail.

In the back seat Derek yelps. "Hey, watch it, man, you're dripping."

Resenting the rain, Night ignores him, cracks the window, peer...
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