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Skull Dance by Gerd Balke

Skull Dance
By Gerd Balke

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Book Synopsis

A terrorist with a little technical know-how and twenty pounds of smuggled plutonium could make a bomb powerful enough to destroy a city. That's what we should be worried about ...


The girl might have been dead for a few hours, not more. The little body lay twisted in a rather unnatural position, her limbs forming configurations she wouldn't have been able to assume when alive. The head turned to one side, as if she were asleep--a plausible assumption, had it not been for the rest of her body.

Due to her shattered spine, the torso had bent in a rather awkward and grotesque way. The face, however, hadn't been harmed. She looked calm and peaceful. She had been spared the terror of looking death in the eye. She lay by the side of the road, perhaps thrown clear of the traffic, thus avoiding the fate of being torn apart by t...
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