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The God Virus by Gary J Byrnes

The God Virus
By Gary J Byrnes

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Book Synopsis

A doctor is an unlikely carrier of scientific evidence that God is unnecessary - but who will be interested? Is it possible that one man can truly prove that God does not actually exist? This is an action-packed conspiracy thriller, with events spanning the globe from the Russian permafrost through to the fiery hell of Guantanamo Bay.


Campo de' Fiori, Rome, 1600AD

Night came. She brought her lover, death. In the alleys surrounding the open field, throats were slit for a few coins or in drunken revenge, the dying dispatched under starlight.

The space - an historical site of executions, duels and murder since Roman times - was crowded now. Torches threw jumping shadows across ugly and distorted faces. Thieves circulated easily. Couples slipped towards quiet lanes for the quick, illicit embrace.

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